University of Economics – Varna


Covid-19 Health Safety Measures

Access to the premises of University of Economics – Varna:

Building 1 Building 2 Building 3
ENTRANCE: from Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.
EXIT: to Kniaz Boris I Blvd.
ENTRANCE: from Evlogi Georgiev Str.
EXIT: from the cafe in the building
ENTRANCE and EXIT as per signs
on the premises

Thermal cameras are provided at all entrances. Hand sanitiser is available at all entrances and n all facilities.

People with acute respiratory symptoms such as higher temperature, coughing, breathing difficulties, etc. shall not be allowed on the university premises.

Masks are mandatory on the university premises, both in common areas and in seminars and lectures. A mask needs to cover completely the wearer’s mouth and nose.

People should keep 1.5 m of physical distance outdoors on the university premises. In case physical distancing is not possible outdoors, people need to wear masks.

Classes of over 150 students will be held remotely online and in real time (online lectures, mostly in core subjects, both mandatory and electives).

Classes of 80 to 150 students will be held in person in full compliance with the 50 % seat capacity requirement in lecture halls, along with all other health safety measures.

In-person lectures with classes under 80 students. All seminars and workshops will be held in person in full compliance with all health safety measures.