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Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics

Established on 30 June 2016, the Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics came into existence as a result of the merger of the Department of Statistics and the Department of Applied Mathematics, following a decision of UE – Varna Academic Council. The academic community took this decision in  its consistent pursuit of a flexible framework that incorporates modern trends and meets current educational needs of society.

The Department of Statistics was founded by Prof. Tsvetan Stoynov in 1946 and it implemented the best academic traditions and ideas of teaching  statistics championed by Prof. Naum Dolinsky and Prof. Oskar Anderson. The Department of Applied Mathematics was the successor to the Department of Mathematics, set up in 1970 by Prof. Kostadin Bonev, one of Bulgaria’s leading researchers in economic and mathematical modelling.

The Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics employs academics with PhDs in Economics, Administration and Management, Mathematics, and  IT and Computer Sciences, professors and associate professors in Mathematics and Economics.

The Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics is actively involved in the professional training of undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate  students in a range of programmes at University of Economics – Varna. The  Department members teach rudimentary mathematical and statistical subjects along with applied subjects that target a great number of applications of mathematics and statistics in IT and economics.

The Department provides training of PhD students in two doctoral programmes in economics: PhD Statistics and Demography, and PhD Optimal Management of Economic Systems.

Since the Department of Statistics and Applied Mathematics offers professional   expertise in various sciences such as mathematics, statistics, economics, administration and management, IT and computer sciences, it provides  students of mathematical and statistical subjects the professional interdisciplinary training they need. Along with teaching in-depth theory in core subjects, the Department gives students ample opportunity to implement theory into practice.

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