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Правила за управление на програма "Еразъм+" в Икономически университет - Варна
Правила за условията и реда за прилагане на системата за натрупване и трансфер на кредити в ИУ-Варна
Erasmus Харта за висше образование 2021-2027
Студентска Харта "Еразъм+"
Общи условия по програма "Еразъм+"



The Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS) sets out the institution's overall modernisation and internationalisation strategy. In particular, the applicant organisation is expected to:

  • Describe its mobility target groups and geographical scope (within and beyond participating countries).
  • Describe which types of cooperation projects for innovation and good practices it intends to implement, if any.
  • Explain the expected impact of the HEI participation in the Programme on the HEI modernisation and internationalisation.

University of Economics - Varna has several goals to follow:

  • Expanding the European academic cooperation in creating curriculа and programmes, comparable systems and evaluation criteria for quality of studying;
  • Improving transfer of credits and expanding mobility possibilities of students and academic staff members; 
  • Intensifying research activities, maintaining high quality of the final product;
  • Integrating into the European research area by participating in different projects;
  • Cooperating with business and social partners, while perfecting the education process for the students and research for the academic staff;
  • Establishing international cooperation.

a) Our university currently has over 100 bilateral agreements with Erasmus+ partner universities in and outside of Europe. Our selection approach relies on several key pillars:

  • by personal contacts developed by the academic staff visiting partner universities and participating in international conferences and events;
  • by filtering universities with study programs correlating to ours in order to meet the area of knowledge of our students;
  • by receiving partnership proposals from the National Agency which are compatible with our study curriculum.

Each university department is authorized to search for potential partner universities and offer them to sign a bilateral agreement.

b) We have no limitations concerning the geographical location of our partner universities. Nevertheless, it is preferable for the partner university to be in an area easy for access by plane, bus or train in order to make the mobility for our students easier.

c) The main tasks of our university are:

  • to improve the quality of the education process in first, second and third cycle in accordance with the European educational standards;
  • to accelerate the development and the research activities of the academic staff;
  • to develop contacts with foreign and international science and educational institutions.