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The Department of Economics and Management of Commerce at University of Economics – Varna has been an integral part of a large academic community that has been preserving and developing the traditions in teaching commerce and has been constantly researching commerce as science.  The department was established in 1953, following the launch of the programme in Economics of Commerce in 1948.

The Department of Economics and Management of Commerce does current academic research and provides research findings to businesses.  Over 8,500 professionals have graduated so far in either BSc Economics of Commerce or BSc Economics and Commerce as full-time, part-time or distance-learning (since 2015) students.

Faculty members have always been improving the quality of student training; they have focused on conducting pro-active, current and effective academic research and on beneficial collaboration with businesses.

Thorough research is done on contemporary issues of the economy, organisation and management of commerce, commercial entrepreneurship, marketing, logistics, investment, competition, etc.

The Department of Economics and Management of Commerce also offers postgraduate degrees. 29 doctoral theses have been successfully defended, four by international students, and two dissertations have been completed for a second postgraduate degree.

The Department of Economics and Management of Commerce is a member of European Retail Academy (ERA) as part of the department strategy to create an academic network between universities and commercial businesses so that research findings could successfully be implemented in real terms.

Department programmes

The degree programmes at the Department of Economics and Management of Commerce are one of the most favoured at University of Economics – Varna. They offer students training that develops core knowledge and skills and top competences in core and applied aspects of the economics and management of commerce with consumer and industrial products (internal and external wholesale and retail).

The programme subjects reflect topical issues of the economy, the science of commerce and business practices. This allows graduates to be highly competitive in the labour market both locally and internationally.

The Department of Economics and Management of Commerce has offered training in the BSc Economics of Commerce, BSc Economics and Commerce (since 2015), BSc Commercial Business (since 2015), and MSc Global Commercial Business (since 2015).  Faculty members also teach classes in other degree programmes at the university.

The undergraduate BSc Economics and Commerce programme is offered full time and in distance learning. Part of the training in the professional field of Economics has been accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency with a top score.

The MSc Global Commercial Business programme is offered full time online.

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