University of Economics – Varna

Quality and Expert Examination of Commodities

Degree: Master

Type of education: Part-time, Part-time (January Admission)

Number of semesters: 2

Professional qualification: Economics

Professional field: ECONOMICS

First year: 2023

Duration: 1 year; 1.5 years
Language: Bulgarian
Mode of study: Full-time

Specific courses:

  • Commodities science of industrial goods;
  • Standardization, Metrology and qualimetry;
  • Commodities science of food commodities.

Specialized courses:

  • Contemporary methods for analysis of commodities;
  • Expertise of industrial commodities;
  • Quality management systems;
  • Trademarks and advertising of commodities;
  • Certification of commodities and services;
  • Expertise of food commodities;
  • Commodities’ safety;
  • Protecting consumer interests (elective);
  • Contemporary forms of commercial business (elective).

Expected knowledge and skills after acquiring qualification:
The master graduates receive professional competences, incl.: fulfill managerial position in sales, logistics, marketing, testing and certification departments of companies; to carry out production, inspection and certification control; to build and audit systems of quality management; to conduct economic research, analysis and expert in the field of assortment policy, quality of goods, standardization and certification, protection of consumer interests and contractual policy.
The main key competencies that Masters acquire are: to identify and establishing falsification of goods; to implement various commodity expertises and control; construction, implementation and auditing of quality management systems; for planning and development of company’s advertising activities; development and legal protection of trademarks and geographical indications of goods; implementing systems and schemes for certification of goods and services; protection of consumer interests; exercise expert and evaluation activity in different areas in the lifecycle of goods.

Employment opportunities upon graduation:
Students who have completed educational - qualification degree "master" in "Quality and expertise of commodities' can eventuate as:

  • Heads or experts in specialized companies for commodities control;
  • Responsible staff for the quality of commodities;
  • Consultants for the development and implementation for quality management and safety systems;
  • Auditors and experts in the field of product certification and certification of management systems;
  • Experts in commodity judicial, customs and tax expertise;
  • Exchange and customs brokers;
  • Managers in the departments of marketing and logistics of goods in the manufacturing and sales companies, in logistics and retail chains;
  • Innovative managers and specialists in controlling;
  • Brokers in commodity exchanges;
  • Inspectors in tax and insurance institutions;
  • Professionals in the field of protection of consumer interests and others.

Graduate students can continue their studies as PhD at universities or other research units in Bulgaria and abroad.

First year
Studied subjects Semester Credits Type of grading Student involvement
Total Self-study Classes
Modern Methods of Commodity Analysis 9 6 Exam 180 142 38
Expert Examination of Manufactured Goods 9 10 Exam 300 262 38
Quality Assurance Systems 9 8 Exam 240 210 30
Trade Marks and Advertising of Goods 9 6 Exam 180 150 30
Certification of Goods and Services 10 7 Exam 210 180 30
Expert Examination of Food, Wine and Tobacco 10 10 Exam 300 262 38
Safety of Goods 10 7 Exam 210 180 30
Electives (1)
  • Modern Forms of Commercial Business
  • Consumer Interest Protection
10 6 Ongoing assessment 180 158 22
Total for Specialised 0 0
Electives (1)
  • Thesis Defense
  • Comprehensive State Exam
10 15 Exam 450 450 0
Total for Graduate 0 0
Total for the entire period of study 75 2250 1994 256

Optional courses Semester Credits Student involvement
Total Self-study Classes
Foreign Language - English 10 3 90 75 15
Foreign Language - German 10 3 90 75 15
Foreign Language - French 10 3 90 75 15
Foreign Language - Russian 10 3 90 75 15
Foreign Language - Portuguese 10 3 90 75 15
1 The course is available only to foreigners