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Legal Studies Department

The Department of Legal Studies is an independent structural unit at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting at University of Economics – Varna.

The establishment and development of the Department of Legal Studies has been closely associated with the development of economic science. Economics-related law subjects have traditionally been taught at University of Economics – Varna.

Currently, members of faculty at the department specialize in public law and private law, following the main division in the Bulgarian  legal system and providing legal expertise in both public and private law.

The department aims first and foremost at supporting teaching in law subjects in the curricula of the core departments at the university as it offers courses in the bachelor degree in Introduction to Law, Commercial Law, Labour and Social Security Law, Property Law, Commercial and Obligation Law and Law in Tourism.

Master degree students study courses in Fundamentals of Law, Commercial Transactions and Negotiations, Labour Law, Administrative Law and Administrative Process, Public-Private Partnership and Auctions, Taxation, etc.

The department has offered the BSc Judicial Administration programme since 2017.

Members of faculty at the Department of Legal Studies uphold high educational standards and do research to update contemporary legal theories, creating practical implications for their academic work. They are highly committed to sharing their legal expertise in university work groups that deal with legal issues, such as conducting procedures under the Public Procurement Act, developing draft internal regulations, etc.

The department prioritises the career development of its members, new courses in law subjects and independent research.

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