University of Economics – Varna

UE – Varna to Collaborate with Seven Non-EU Countries under the Erasmus+ Programme Next Year

The University of Economics – Varna ranks among the Top 5 Universities in the country to receive funding from the Bulgarian Human Resources Development Centre (HRDC) to conduct Erasmus+ mobilities with countries outside of the European Union (partner countries for 2022 selection procedure).

From the 2022/2023 academic year, UE – Varna will have the opportunity to send outgoing and receive incoming students, lecturers, and staff from partner universities in Algeria, Ghana, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Palestine, and South Africa, whose mobilities will be funded under the forthcoming KA171 project of the Erasmus+ Programme. With four of these countries – Algeria, Ghana, Palestine, and South Africa, UE-Varna will work for the first time in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme.

With its results, the University of Economics – Varna ranks first not only in Varna District but also in the whole Northeast Region of the country.

The funding by the National Agency for UE – Varna’s incoming and outgoing mobilities is determined at over 75,000 Euro and will give the University the opportunity to further strengthen its partnerships with higher education institutions in the seven countries.

The University of Economics – Varna was also ranked second as a reserve candidate for more than 20 non-EU countries, among which are the University’s partner countries under former KA107 projects of the Erasmus+ Programme, such as Armenia, India, and Kazakhstan, as well as countries which UE – Varna has not yet worked with in the framework of the Programme, like Australia, China, Cuba, the countries of South America, and others.

26 Jul 2022