University of Economics – Varna

UE – Varna Closes the Waste-Recycling Process on Campus

The University of Economics – Varna has placed waste-recycling bins across its main campus building.

The closing of the waste-recycling process at the University was initiated by Rosalina Ruseva and Hristina Georgieva, PhD students at UE – Varna.

They presented their green idea under the name ‘RE-THINK’ to an international jury at the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship in Belgrade, Serbia, which earned them first place in the ‘GO GREEN’ PhD students competition for development of environmentally-friendly and sustainable projects.

The concept of the project follows the principles of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, which aim to stimulate environmental preservation.

The goal of the winning project is to reduce the quantity of rubbish, which is disposed in mix-waste bins and ends up on waste dumps or in the ocean.

The purchase and installation of the waste-recycling bins was funded under the Erasmus+ Programme.

20 Sep 2022