University of Economics – Varna

Top Rankings for UE – Varna in 2022 U-Multirank

For the sixth consecutive year University of Economics – Varna has done remarkably well in U-Multirank, the prestigious global international rankings. In 2022 UE – Varna is a top performer in international education with the highest rankings in academic publications and alumni start-ups.

There is a steady trend in excellent UE – Varna performance in these rankings: the percentage of undergraduates and graduates for a standard period of education, student mobilities and strategic partnerships.

The 2022 performance analysis clearly indicates a 15 per cent increase of research funds from non-university sources in the last year. The number of master degree programmes taught in languages other than Bulgarian has gone up by the same percentage. There is a fivefold rise in the number of university graduates employed regionally.

These results reflect the consistent hard work of university staff to enhance the quality of education, expand student participation opportunities in mobility programmes, and extend the network of academic partners for UE – Varna.

These top rankings indicate that University of Economics – Varna has been attracting students who prioritise internationally recognized degrees and business-oriented training.

U-Multirank is a prestigious independent global customisable system of university and college rankings. Its 2022 edition showcases 2,202 universities from 96 countries, with over 100,000 student opinions processed.

Recently U-Multirank has become the world’s largest international system of university rankings. The rankings offer interactive multidimensional comparisons in five dimensions of performance: research, teaching and learning, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement.

This year only 12 Bulgarian HEIs have made it into the rankings. UE – Varna has also improved its regional position. Our university is one of the three Bulgarian universities with the biggest investment in education and it is the runner-up in the rankings for high regional engagement.

UE – Varna academic governance would like to thank all students who took part in the survey, evaluated their university experience, and contributed to the high international recognition of UE – Varna academic performance.

27 Jun 2022