University of Economics – Varna

Incoming Students

Dear prospective Erasmus+ students,

Here is the application procedure step by step:

Check the existing agreements between your home university and UE-Varna by contacting your International Relations Office. The person in charge will inform you about the procedure and requirements for becoming an Erasmus+ student.

After the selection procedure, your home university shall nominate you in our online nomination system

The complete set of documents is:

  1. Learning Agreement (check the Guidelines how to fill it in)
  2. Student Application Form 
  3. Four hard-copy passport format (3,5x4,5 cm) photos (NOT  SCANNED)

Please forward the LA and SA via e-mail within the application deadlines and then by regular post together with the photos to:

Slavena Tsoneva
International Relations Office
University of Economics - Varna
77 Knyaz Boris I blvd.
Varna 9002

Once the application procedure is finalized, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance from UE-Varna. You can then proceed with organizing the accommodation for the period of your stay.

ECTS Grade UE-Varna Definition
A 6 Excellent – outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 5 Very good – above average standard but with some errors
C 4 Good – generally sound work with a notable number of errors
D, E 3 Satisfactory – fair but with significant shortcomings
F, FX 2 Fail – considerable further work is required

Erasmus+ students receive a Student Identification Card which provides them with various discounts for swimming pools, fitness halls, museums and clubs, public transportation and others. For the purpose of obtaining a Student ID card, you need to bring a passport photo upon arrival at UE – Varna.

Note: Erasmus+ students can choose subjects either from Bachelor or Master degree programmes regardless of their cycle of education.

Bacherlor's degree - Winter Semester of academic year 2024/2025
Strategic Retail Management Violeta Dimitrova, Michal Stojanov and Desislava Kirova  30/30 6
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Katya Vladova 45/15 6
Corporate Social Responsibility Desislava Serafimova  45/15 6
Business Valuation Ivo Kostov 45/15 6
ERP Systems Julian Vasilev and Miglena Stoyanova 30/30 6
Online Research Methods Petar Petrov 45/15 6
Bulgarian Language Vladimir Dosev 45/15 6
Marketing Communications Todor Dyankov 45/15 6
Cultural Policy Silviya Dimitrova 45/15 6
Events Design and Experience Krassimira Yancheva 45/15 6
Strategic Management Boncho Mitev 45/15 6
Web Technologies Snezhana Salova and Radka Nacheva 30/30 6
Operations Management Stefan Kalpachev  45/15 6
Branding and Strategic Brand Management Vladimir Zhechev and Selvet Niyazieva 45/15 6
Behavioral Economics Kaloyan Kolev 45/15 6
Human Relations Petya Dankova 45/15 6
Innovation Management Tanya Georgieva 45/15 6
International Trade Law Diana Dimitrova 30/30 6
Marketing of Luxury Products Hristina Filipova 30/15 5
Change Management Veselina Maksimova 45/15 6
Management Consulting Maria Stanimirova 30/30 6
Applied Statistics with SPSS Svetlana Todorova 30/15 5
Bachelor's degree - Summer Semester of academic year 2024/2025
Modelling in Economics Rosen Nikolaev and Radan Miryanov 30/30 6
Mathematical Analysis Teodora Zapryanova 30/30 6
Career Development Stefan Kalpachev 30/30 6
Event Management Genka Rafailova 30/15 5
Bulgarian Language Vladimir Dosev 45/15 6
Real Estate Management and Valuation Ivo Kostov 45/15 6
Uncertainty and Desicion Making Svetlana Todorova 30/15 5
Business Growth Management Katya Vladova 45/15 6
Management and Animation in the Entertainment Industry Krassimira Yancheva 45/15 6
Organizational Psychology Petya Dankova 45/15 6
European Context of Bulgarian History and Culture Ivan Rusev and Katina Popova 45/15 6
Management in a Digital World Desislava Serafimova  45/15 6
Financial Regulations and Supervision Nedyalko Valkanov 45/15 6
Intercultural Communication Hristina Filipova 30/15 5
Digital Economics Aleksandar Todorov 30/15 5
International Marketing Planning Bistra Vasileva and Teodora Daneva 30/30 6


Master's degree - Winter Semester of academic year 2024/2025
International Harmonization of Accountancy and Auditing Fanya Filipova 45/15 6
Creative Industry and Business Genka Rafailova 30/15 5
Bulgarian Language Vladimir Dosev 45/15 6
Prevention of Economic Fraud Nedyalko Valkanov 45/15 6
Storytelling Svilen Ivanov 30/30 6
Applied Intelligence Miroslav Kamdzhalov 30/30 6
Conflict Management Petya Angelova 45/15 6
Master's degree - Summer Semester of academic year 2024/2025
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Julian Vasilev and Miglena Stoyanova 30/30 6
Bulgarian Language Vladimir Dosev 45/15 6
Expatriate Management Silvia Dimitrova 45/15 6
Customer Relations Management Todor Dyankov 45/15 6
Talent Management Petar Petrov 45/15 6
Applied Semiotic Analysis of Advertising Svilen Ivanov 30/30 6


Important Note: The courses will take place only if the number of enrolled students is more than 6 (six). In case there are less than 6 students choosing a certain course, teaching will not be provided.


Erasmus+ mobility students can also choose courses within regular programmes delivered in English:

International Business (Bachelor Degree) - more information here

Business and Management (Bachelor Degree) - more information here

International Business and Management (Master Degree) - more information here

Examination: Each semester is followed by an examination period which starts at the end of December and May respectively. Most of the courses offered at UE-Varna include exams. When an exam is not required, evaluation is based on classroom tasks, presentations, projects and tests.

Students who would like to start their studies at UE-Varna in the Winter Semester should submit their application forms by June 20th.

Students who would like to start their studies at UE-Varna in the Summer Semester should submit their application forms by November 15th.


Academic calendar 2024/2025

Winter semester:

September 17th 2024 - December 23rd 2024/January 30th 2025 (depending on their LAs) preceded by obligatory

Welcome Days - 16th - 17th September 2024

Summer semester:

February 20th 2025 - May 30th 2025/June 21st 2025 (depending on their LAs) preceded by  obligatory

Welcome Days - 18th - 19th February 2025

Note: if you choose courses from our regular programs in English, check the official Academic Calendar of the university.

You can find more information in our Guidebook for Incoming Students 2024-2025.

Online brochure: here

Handbook for incoming guests: here

Useful information in our Fact sheet