Life-long Learning Center

Life-long Learning Center

The Life-long Learning Center is an autonomous training and consulting division at Varna University of Economics. The Center operates by the regulations of the Higher Education Act and the in-house regulations of Varna University of Economics. It offers long-term and short-term qualifications, courses and language classes. Courses up to 12 months train students to pursue new or additional professional careers. Students who have completed the courses are awarded certificates of professional qualification. Short-term courses develop new professional skills. Students who have completed a short-term course are granted certificates of specialization or additional training.


* QUALIFICATIONS (period of training: up to 12 months) provide new or additional


- Accounting

- Finance

- Management and Marketing

- Management in Tourism and Hospitality

- Management of Commerce

- Management of Water Transport

- Human Resources Management

- Company Management

- Health Care Management

- Recreation, Spa and Wellness Management

- Recreation

- Wellness Management

- Applied Computer Science

- Cisco Network Academy for Computer Network Administrators

- Tax and Customs Control

- Teaching Qualification

- Manufacturing and Operational Management

- Agrarian Business

- Marketing and PR

- Marketing and Real Estate

- Marketing Engineering

- Quality Management

- E-commerce

Students who complete the courses are awarded certificates of professional qualification with academic transcripts.

* COURSES: developing new skills

- Project Management

- Marketing of Territories

- Internal Auditor as per ISO 9001: 2008

- Business Correspondence and Linguistic Culture

- Computer Literacy (Word, Windows, Excel, the Internet)

- E-commerce

Students who complete the courses are granted certificates of specialization.


* English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish and Turkish for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

* Business English, Business German, Business Russian and Business Japanese.

* English for shipbrokers.

* Certified language courses: ibT TOEFL and IELTS preparation courses. 

Students who complete the courses are awarded certificates of additional training.